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Since 2008, we have led innovative efforts to fight poverty in our communities. We encourage youth to be key-players in their countries' economic and social transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children from low-income backgrounds with access to education by empowering youth to lead service projects that support and uplift their communities. Young people in the Seven United network invest their physical energy and talent toward building a fair society. We believe that every one of us, especially those of us with more, have a moral obligation to the least fortunate.

Our vision is to make Seven United a global network of youth through which young people will be actively involved in service to their communities.

Each year, Seven United has mobilized groups of young adults to launch projects ranging from building and repairing houses for orphans and widows to providing poor families with health insurance. Over 900 members of Seven United in Rwanda engage in peer education and raising awareness about sensitive issues. We have created programs through which we have trained local families to prepare balanced, healthy meals and taught rural families how to avoid diseases like malaria and HIV.  We have enabled street children to attend school and provided vegetable gardens and cows to families in need. Our programs have encouraged youth to be the agents who educate and serve their communities, an effective and innovative approach. We believe that, when young people learn to serve their communities, they become mission-driven adults who will lead purposeful lives.

I am an orphan. Since my father deserted me, I started living with my aunt with five other children. Seven United helped me return to school. I am very thankful.
— Manzi Sindikubwabo, EPK-Primary School

What We've Achieved

  • Provided health insurance to 87 of Rwanda's poorest families in 4 different districts.

  • Renovated 8 houses for widows and orphans.

  • Reached hundreds of patients and provided them with basic hygienic supplies and a message of hope through biannual hospital visits, which also serve to educate Seven United members.

  • Engaged over 10,000 youth each year, encouraging them to fight poverty through our annual week-long event "7 days of Charity," an event that attracts hundreds of young people through sports, entertainment and interactive activities.

  • Enabled over 35 children living in poverty—including 5 street kids—to access primary and secondary education.